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Gadgets Fit for a Queen

Gadgets Fit for A Queen

7 Jun 2012

In this second jubilee article, the QubeGB blog takes a look at some of our favourite technological advances throughout each decade, from the 1950’s up to the current day.

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Coerver Coaching in the Scottish Borders

Just the Job

7 Jun 2012

In line with our recent 'Diamond Jubilee' blog series, we review the changes technology has made to QubeGB's recruitment process.

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Ringing The Changes

Ringing the Changes

27 May 2012

To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, this QubeGB Blog article looks at how technology has changed since the Queen’s reign started.

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Government Plans for Internet Surveillance Sparks Privacy Fears

Government Plans for Internet Surveillance Sparks Privacy Fears

8 May 2012

Anger has continued to grow over the Government’s plans to carry out widespread surveillance on the Internet. The QubeGB Blog looks into this story.

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