The Great British Journey of the Olympic Torch

The Great British journey of the Olympic Torch
26 Apr 2012, 14:32 PM Darren Bunker

QubeGB’s team are really excited about the London Olympics.  What  a great occasion for Britain to showcase to the world the fantastic country we live in.  In a previous blog piece we wrote about how London 2012 is a great business opportunity if you are ready:!.aspx


In this piece we thought we would write about the Olympic Torch Relay.  The Olympic Torch Relay starts at Land’s End on Saturday 19th May and makes its way up and down the UK on an 8,000 mile, 70 day journey.  The journey will end at the Olympic Stadium in London on 21st July 2012 where it will make its grand appearance as a major part of the opening ceremony.

The torch will not only cover 8,000 miles on an epic and sometimes unusual journey across the UK using modes of transport such as horseback, steam and even a zip wire but will more importantly be carried by 8,000 torchbearers. These torchbearers have all been carefully chosen and have remarkable stories to tell.  They have been nominated by people who know them, people who know what a difference these individuals have made to the community in which they live. 

QubeGB is a nationwide company and employs members of staff who work from 38 hub sites across the UK from Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland to Plymouth and Southampton in the South as well as sites in Belfast and Dublin.  Across all of these areas are the inspiring stories of the people who will be carrying the torch.  A couple of examples of such stories include Gobi Ranganathan who suffers from spina-bifida and is based in Stevenage where QubeGB has one of its main offices.  Gobi has never allowed his disability to hold him back and is currently one of the top disabled badminton players in the country with a real chance of going for gold in the 2012 Paralympics and in Leeds, another area densely represented by QubeGB, is the teenage son of the greatly respected fundraiser Jane Tomlinson, who lost her battle with cancer in 2007.  Steven Tomlinson, 14 will be carrying the torch in memory of his mum. All 8,000 torchbearers, however, have wonderful stories to tell. These are people who really make a difference. Is that not what great Olympians are all about?

The torch itself was designed by Edward Barber and Jan Osgerby, both from East London, and is a wonderful example of the talent we have in the UK. It is made up on an inner and outer aluminium alloy skin which is perforated by 8,000 circles.  These circles, as you have probably already guessed, represent both the stories of each of the torchbearers and the miles in which it will be carried.  

QubeGB are extremely lucky that the torch is to pass through all of our 38 nationwide locations and here’s hoping that we all get a glimpse of it at some point of its journey.  Good luck to all involved and thank you for making a difference to our communities and our lives.

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