QubeGB Predicts Smart Phones to Overtake PCs as Web Browsing Device

QubeGB Predicts Smart Phones to Overtake PCs as Web Browsing Device by 2013
30 Jul 2012, 16:00 PM Darren Bunker

In part two of our technological predictions feature we look at the rapid rise of smart phones. Over the past few years there has been such a rapid growth in the smart phone market that we at QubeGB predict that they will take 70% of market share in Europe and this will happen by the end of 2012.

Why has the smart phone seen such a rapid increase? Well, quite simply people love the fact that they can do so much from one small device which can be carried with them wherever they go. The smart phone is ultimately being used for text messages, browsing the web, sending emails, playing games, downloading apps, social networking and music although it has many other uses and it has clearly become the device of choice for most people in place of the laptop or pc. Bearing this in mind it is hard to believe that many companies still do not offer mobile-enabled websites and therefore may be failing to promote their services, products and expertise.

This rapid rise in the use of smart phones is not just for the younger market although it is true that the highest usage is in the aged 18 – 34 market. Recent research has shown that the aged 50+ group are also buying smart phones and usage with this older age group is also set to increase. Mainly the 50+ age group want to keep in touch with their children and grandchildren and do so via text messaging and social media sites, principally Facebook.  Anyone who uses a smart phone soon realise that everything on-line can be done from this one device.

Finally, the last point we would like to mention is just how much people use or check their smart phones per day. A study has shown that on average this happens 34 times a day. The use of the smart phone has become a habit where people constantly check their phone, not because they have to but just because they can. Smart phones really are the future for mobile phone technology and without a doubt we will see a rapid rise in its usage becoming the number one screen to use. Tomorrow, try counting the number of times you check your phone. We bet it is far more than you expected.


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