iPhone 5 - the Good and the Bad

iPhone 5 - the Good and the Bad
6 Dec 2012, 10:12 AM Darren Bunker

The mobile phone is a very important tool for most of us here at QubeGB. The new iPhone 5 was anticipated for months before its recent launch and a few of us in the office have been lucky enough to have had our phones upgraded to this new version. After a few weeks of us using our new phones we thought we would write a blog piece on our top three pros for the iPhone 5 and the three main things that we are not so keen about.

The main thing we love about the iPhone 5 is that it is so much faster than previous versions. Web searches are almost instant and so much quicker than even the previous version, the 4S. This is great when you are frequently travelling across the UK on business and need instant information. We were also really impressed by the length of battery life of the iPhone 5 and the fact that it charges itself back up so quickly, a common complaint about Apple phones in the past. Finally, we are very impressed with the changes to Siri! Siri was much anticipated in the 4S version and very quickly became a huge frustration. However, we are pleased to report that the new version of Siri for the iPhone 5 is actually a virtual assistant and is also great for keeping you up to date with the football and rugby scores. We are sport mad here at QubeGB so this is proving to be a very popular feature especially when our teams are winning!

The downsides of the iPhone 5? Well the main gripe, and we are not the first and will not be the last to say this, is that all previous Apple accessories don't work with it. Although manufacturers will quickly catch up, currently the iPhone 5 accessories are very expensive to buy and just how many more out-of-date accessories do we have to accumulate. Secondly, due to the great secrecy surrounding the iPhone 5, we as consumers were not aware that some much-loved apps were actually not available on the new version. We are very fond of our Apps at QubeGB so this was disappointing. Our final gripe will have to be Maps. A lot of travelling takes place within QubeGB, working with clients right across the UK. Maps are therefore important to us and in our opinion, the new maps are not as good as previous versions.

So there we have it, the three things we love about our new phone is the speed, battery life and our new virtual assistant Siri. The three disappointing factors are the changes to accessories, lack of apps and the maps.  That said, we know that all of the downsides will be improved shortly. In conclusion, the pros of the new iPhone 5 greatly outweigh the cons and the overall view is that we are really impressed.

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