QubeGB Team’s Favourite Apps – What is Yours?

QubeGB Team’s Favourite Apps – What is Yours?
10 Dec 2012, 10:26 AM Darren Bunker

Here at QubeGB we have a monthly staff newsletter which keeps all our members of staff up to date with what’s happening within the company. Most articles within the newsletter change from month to month, however, one article which is standard is our “In the Spotlight” page. Here we ask a member of staff a series of ten questions. One of the questions we ask is “what is your favourite gadget of all time and why?”. Android phones often make an appearance and one of the main reason for this is due to the number of apps that you can get from your phone.

At QubeGB we all have our favourite apps and we thought we could regularly feature these on our blog page. We employ staff from all over the world and when we asked the QubeGB team “What is your favourite app?” one in particular came through time and time again. This was WhatsApp. And the reason for this? It allows our team to keep in touch with friends and family for free not just in the UK but worldwide.

WhatApp Messenger is an app which allows unlimited text messaging between users. It has had several updates over the years from adding chatting in groups to sharing photos and videos. These additions are appreciated by the QubeGB team but essentially the real reason this app is loved so much is due to the fact that it offers free text messaging worldwide without the fear of incurring high phone bills. No wonder WhatsApp has appeared in the Apple (UK) Top Ten Apps since December 2009 and has for some time now held the number one spot.  We firmly believe that the best products for consumers are the ones which do exactly what they say they do and are simple to use. This is the case for WhatApp, free texting worldwide to other WhatApp users.

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