4G and UK Coverage by end of 2013

10 Jan 2013, 12:37 PM Darren Bunker

In this blog QubeGB takes a look at the imminent arrival of 4G coverage in the UK. By the end of the year 16 cities across the UK will have 4G coverage. Everything Everywhere (now to be known as EE) is the company which owns both Orange and T Mobile and who were given the first licence to roll out 4G coverage by Ofcom. Other mobile phone operators will be allowed to bid for 4G bandwidth early next year with potentially O2Vodafone and Three all offering 4G services by July 2013 at the latest.

4G, as the name suggests, picks up where 3G left off and stands for fourth generation of cellular communications. 3G connections have a speed of 7.2 Mbps whereas 4G could offer download speeds of 100 Mbps.

4G offers super-fast internet connections for mobile devices and even faster downloads than many home broadband connections. 4G allows you to download and stream music and videos easily while you are on the go as well as downloading movies far quicker. For mobile game users, it will mean higher definition. With all these added benefits there is even more reasons for you to regard your smart phone as one of life’s essentials.  

South Korea have been using 4G since 2006. In fact to date 40 countries have rolled out 4G including the USA, parts of Scandinavia and the Far East as well as smaller countries such as Angola, Kyrgyzstan and Tanzania. They have done so for economic gains as research shows that 4G allows companies to grow and also encourages inward investment. Implementation in the UK has been delayed due to the shortage of radio airwave spectrum as the UK switched over to digital TV. However, soon the UK too will be able to access the benefits of 4G coverage and QubeGB can’t wait to get started.

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