Jack Welsh an Inspiration to the Business World

Jack Welsh an Inspiration to the Business World
18 Jul 2013, 15:01 PM Darren Bunker

QubeGB is privileged to have a Board of Directors who bring with them worldwide experience of the business world and whose advice has been invaluable to QubeGB as the business has expanded year on year since it was formed in 2007.

Central to this is John Wright our Chairman. John has a distinguished career in international banking which has taken him to Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East. Prestigious roles included Chief Executive of Oman International Bank and the Gulf Bank in Kuwait before coming home as Chief Executive of Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks. In retirement John is chair and or director of a number of firms across banking, retailing and manufacturing as well as QubeGB.

QubeGB is very honoured to have John Wright as Chair of the Board as he brings such a wealth of experience to the company and is an inspiration to us as we take the company forward. We thought therefore it would be interesting to ask John who has inspired him in the business world and why? John chose Jack Welsh who was Chief Executive of General Electric in the USA turning it into one of the most profitable companies in the world. During Jack Welsh’s tenure as Chief Executive he championed initiatives such as Six Sigma quality and e-business which are the cornerstones of many successful businesses today.  As John Wright says of Jack Welsh:

"I think over the years I have been most impressed by the Jack Welsh saga at General Electric Company in the United States. During his 16 or so years at the helm he developed the company into the largest in the world and at the same time he was driving the business forward, he invested hugely in the development of talent the creation of a "General Electric Company Academy" and just all round created a culture of performance (but not at all costs!). Good performance was well recognised but those who failed to live up to the Values of the company were given short shrift whether or not their performance was stellar or otherwise. The culture of "tough love" prevailed, everybody seemed to have absolute clarity about what their priorities were and what success looked like and consequently a tremendous momentum was built up. Additionally, I think the icing on the cake for me, on looking at the man's performance over that period, was when he came to retire there were 3 internal candidates poised to succeed him. There was no nonsense as we have seen recently with John Rose who retired from Rolls Royce in recruiting somebody in from outside to succeed him.  To me that was the true measure of Welsh's success".

You can read more about Jack Welsh in his book “What I’ve learned leading a great company and great people.” 

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