Stay Connected With Video Conferencing

30 Jul 2013, 11:51 AM Darren Bunker

At QubeGB we have a number of offices and hubs as well as a range of clients and customers across the UK. Like any business the key to our success is good communication both internally and externally. As a telecommunications provider and lovers of technology we pro-actively use video conferencing for business.  Why? Well we thought we would give you three compelling reasons why video conferencing should be a must use business tool.

Firstly and perhaps most importantly it saves time. You know the old adage that is told to us, conference after conference and business book after business book? We are all time pressured and some of us feel that 24 hours is not really enough hours in the day! So imagine cutting out the travel time to meetings, setting up of meetings and so forth. Video conferencing allows you to carry out a meeting from the comfort of your own office giving you time to focus on your video conference and then getting straight back to work. The gift of time? In our view the undisputed number one reason to use video conferencing.

Perhaps nearly as important though is that video conferencing saves you and your business money, meaning no travel expenses and no overnight trips with expensive hotel and restaurant bills. Cutting down expenses like these can really free up money in a business. In addition, the costs of the equipment, which once may have seen out with the realm of some businesses, is affordable by all now, some providers even offering the service free of charge.

Finally, video conferencing allows you to stay connected with your clients on a more regular basis than you would if you were only meeting with them face to face. You can arrange a video conference at very short notice giving more frequent and shorter communication with you and your client, face to face at the touch of a button. It is also great for communicating with your team. With several offices across the UK, the QubeGB team are able to keep in touch with one another, hold team meetings and even training events at all times. New team members can be introduced to the whole QubeGB team which enables them to quickly recognise faces and feel part of the organisation. 

We know we are biased being in the Telecommunications industry but we urge you, if you have never used video conferencing to give it a go. It will save you time, save you money and keep you connected to the rest of your team and your clients. So what are you waiting for?

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