Small is Beautiful

Small is Beautiful
18 Mar 2013, 14:10 PM Darren Bunker

We not only love technology at QubeGB but we really enjoy making the most of it at work and home. Some of this technology is often referred to as gadgets, we however would argue that these are devices which enhance our daily life. It has to be said that many of us within QubeGB have been at the forefront of assisting the phenomenal rise of tablets from the original 9 inch iPad to the many 7 inch versions that are now on the market. 

Probably the most favoured devices within the QubeGB team would have to be the original Apple iPad and the new iPad Mini, however a great number of us are loving the Amazon Kindle Fire which takes the original Kindle from a reader to tablet with ease. Google Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy are also very popular.  As each week passes and more new tablets appear on the market, consumers from the QubeGB team continue their ongoing debate regarding the pro’s and cons of each device. What we are all agreed on though is that the tablet device is here to stay. So why when we all have laptops and smart phones do we need another device? Here are our top three reasons why we love the tablet.

1.     Ease of Use

Most of us at QubeGB are constantly on the move. The Tablet is easy to carry and extremely lightweight allowing us to catch up on work, retrieve our emails and even watch a movie when we are travelling and is a lot easier to handle than the heavier alternative, the laptop. As much as we love our smart phones, tablet devices have been made to make reading, watching and listening easy. These tablets are not designed purely for use by adults but for use by the whole family. Many are devised as child friendly devices allowing kids to entertain themselves on long journeys saving us from that inevitable question “Are we nearly there yet?”.

2.     Reading

Reading on laptops or pc’s can be difficult and most offices will testify that we still tend to print far too much as we find it easier to read on paper. Tablets are made with reading in mind and this is a key reason why they have been so successful. Tablets allow you to catch up on your personal reading whether that is a fiction book, factual book or reading your favourite magazines and newspapers. For school kids and students reading material can, most of the time, be purchased at a fraction of the price of paper copies.  School bags and satchels become a lot lighter too with just one tablet to carry with you.

3.     Price

Tablets are price competitive. Starting prices now average around £159 rising to just below £300.  Predictions are that these prices are set to decrease as more people buy and the market becomes more competitive making them affordable for everyone. As previously mentioned quite significant savings can be made from buying books on tablet form not to mention the greener issue of not buying paper books which are read and then discarded. Unlike your mobile phone there are no additional charges once you have invested in your tablet and provided you have access to Wi-Fi or broadband you are free to start enjoying your device straight away.

So there we have it, tablets were the new device to have in 2012. QubeGB believe growth will substantially increase again in 2013 being the gift to get for birthdays and Christmas. They will be the device of choice whether on the move or at home. They are easy to use, provide hours of entertainment, ideal for work and personal life and are competitively priced. Our only problem with the tablet is we just can’t agree which one is our favourite?

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