PC versus Tablet or is there Room for Both in Today's World?

PC versus Tablet or is there room for both in today's world?
18 May 2013, 14:27 PM Darren Bunker

Amazon are shortly to release their Kindle Fire HD 8.9, with either 16GB or 32GB of storage, and already they are enjoying healthy pre sales in over 170 countries. Rival Apple has seen iPad and iPad mini sales go through the roof as have other tablet devices on the market. It might seem that tablets are winning the war against the PC and Laptop but are they really?

Bill Gates, Microsoft’s Co-Founder, stated in a recent article in the Guardian that he strongly opposed this view indicating that he has not moved away from his position of three years ago when he famously said:

"There's nothing on the iPad I look at and say "Oh, I wish Microsoft had done it."

Bill Gates' main line of argument is three fold:

1. You can't type on a tablet.

2. You can't create documents on a tablet.

3. You don't have Microsoft Office on a tablet.

So is he right? Well as lovers of all things technology at QubeGB we would argue yes and no. Yes, Bill Gates is right, from a business point of view, it is highly unlikely that tablets are going to take over from laptops for day to day use in offices. At QubeGB we run a call centre at our headquarters in Galashiels. Our dedicated team require PCs in order to answer customer enquiries quickly and efficiently from a system where they can fully see customer details and access all the required information. This helps not only the service that they give but from a Health and Safety perspective it reduces the strain on the advisors' eyes. From all members of staff within the QubeGB offices to our engineers out daily in the field, no-one could or would want to be parted from their PCs or laptops for day-to-day work. We do not see the demise of PCs or laptops any time soon.

However, we also see that there is most certainly a place for tablets, particularly for leisure use but they too also have a place in business. With regard to leisure use, we find more and more that we do not particularly want to access, in the evening, the same laptop we have been working with all day. It is great to sit down after a long day and switch on our tablet of choice to catch up on the day’s news and sport, access our personal social media pages, see what the weather holds in the coming days or just generally to enjoy technology for our own personal use. We also find, however, that tablets most definitely have a business case as well. As someone who travels frequently tablets are far easier to access than a laptop allowing you easy access to read documents, papers and answer emails or simply to access the QubeGB Social Media sites and respond to comments. Tablets are also excellent for use in presentations to showcase the work that QubeGB does and can offer our customers.

Is QubeGB alone in this? We don't think so which is why although tablet sales are going sky high there is also a healthy growth in the Laptop and PC market. Simply, in this day and age we want choice and what suits us in the office doesn’t necessarily suit us at home or when we are on the go. Let us know - is Bill Gates right? Or is there room for all sorts of technology in today's world?

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