3 Useful Apps for Business

Good Things come in Three’s
10 Oct 2013, 15:30 PM Darren Bunker

At QubeGB we love apps. They give us entertainment and allow us to be up to date with our friends and family. However they can also add value to our business life. Many of us who work at QubeGB are out and about on a daily basis and these three apps below are ones that we use.

1. Expensify

This app allows you to track your expenses as you go by adding your mileage. You can also take photos of your receipts and it will add this to your expense account. You can even import your business credit card and this then adds this to your overall report. Expensify also has a really useful blog with lots of tips and helpful advice. Expensify is an app that allows you to be in control. Updating your mileage as you do it so you don’t sit down at the end of the month and think where have I been? It also saves that horrible feeling as you open your wallet and see piles of receipts and dread that it will take you hours to complete your expense claim.

2. Cardmunch

Business cards can be a bit like receipts they build up and then you are not quite sure what to do with them. Cardmunch solves this problem allowing you to take a photo of the business card when you receive it. It then adds this to your list of contacts. Even better and for us, the icing on the cake, it also checks to see if you are connected on LinkedIn. If not it will connect for you allowing you to efficiently make use of your new contacts.

3. YouMail

If you are out and about a lot you will no doubt find that you pick up your phone and have lots of missed calls and voice mail messages. The YouMail app simplifies this by sending you a text outlining what has been said on the voicemail messages. This allows you to decide whether you have enough information to take action or to listen to the message in full before returning the call. It also allows you to save any text messages for future reference.

The above three apps are the ones which we find saves us time and keeps us in control of our day to day business life, whether out and about or sat at our desk.

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