April Fools from the Technology Sphere

April Fools from the Tech Sphere
1 Apr 2014, 11:12 AM Karen Ormiston

April 1st, one of the most light-hearted days of the year, sees the world engage in random and often well-crafted acts of tomfoolery. Companies are increasingly partaking in the longstanding tradition to show off their sense of humour and creativity whilst taking the mick of themselves, their rivals and their gullible customers. Here are our favourite April Fools from the tech sphere.

1962 seen the only TV channel in Sweden’s ‘technical expert’ inform users of how to view programmes in colour on their existing black and white sets. According to the tech guru, if users put a nylon stocking over their TV, the image would suddenly appear in colour…

In 2004, Google unveiled ‘MentalPlex’ search technology which read the user’s mind to determine what they wanted to search for, eliminating the need for typing. Users were invited to search ‘smarter and faster’ by removing their hat and glasses, peering into a blue and red circle and projecting a mental imagine of what they wanted to find…

This year, April 1st seen LinkedIn ‘launch’ their ‘Cats You May Know’ feature which enables users to network with pawed professionals. Through the site, the feline community were given the opportunity to brand themselves and showcase their ‘purrfect’ skills and expertise; from rodent alleviation to bird watching and napping.

Perhaps the best April Fools, however, are those that continue on into the 2nd of April and beyond.

In 2004, Google – who were renowned for their April Fools – launched vacancies for jobs on the moon, and a free e-mail service which offered users not one, two or ten megabytes of storage but 1,000. Google Mail, however, was not an April Fool. Google really had launched their own e-mail system which offered heaps more storage than Hotmail and Yahoo, and had a superior slick and contemporary design compared to other e-mail accounts. In 2013, Gmail became the most popular email service with more than 425 million users and counting. Google Mail is arguably the most successful ‘April Fool’ of them all...


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