Viva Las Vegas: Our picks from the Consumer Electronics Show

Viva Las Vegas: Our Top Three New Innovations from the Consumer Electronics Show
3 Mar 2014, 15:44 PM Darren Bunker

At QubeGB we do, of course, love technology and innovative products. Especially at this time of year when new products are showcased at technology shows and our favourite of all is The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas which is the biggest and many argue the best.  As usual we have been keeping a close eye on the latest gadgets featured at the show and thought we would pick our top three from the many gadgets and new designs that were displayed this year.  These highly innovative products allow you to sleep better, brush your teeth scientifically and optimise your running potential  all extremely worthy resolutions for 2014. 

Our picks from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show:

1. The bed that cures snoring

Now as far as we know a cure has not been found for the common cold but another common problem in many households is that there is likely to be someone who snores. Worry no more, sleepless nights for weary partners can be a thing of the past.  A company called Sleep Number have come up with the answer and are calling it the ‘Super Bed’.  The bed gently moves the snorer up and down, opening their airways without interrupting their sleep. For $8,000 your snoring issues could be over ensuring that the offending snorer will sleep much more smoothly and quietly!

2. The Smart Toothbrush

We love our Smart Phones and now we can be smart from the minute we get up in the morning with the new ‘Smart Toothbrush’ designed by Kolibree in France.  This new toothbrush makes electronic toothbrushes so last century and the traditional toothbrush almost medieval.  The brush will analyse your brushing habits and let you know the results in a clever smart phone app.  It won’t only make you smile but will keep your dentist happy too.

3. Running Socks – But not as you know them

Let’s be honest, every day socks are not that exciting and just a day to day essential.  Running socks are arguably a lot less glamorous.  But not in Vegas; here they are a gadget that could become an essential for runners just as much as running Apps are for some of the runners in QubeGB.

Sensoria’, from a company called Heapsylon, is a new range of socks that can track how a runner strikes the ground, analyses the rhythm of your footfall and calculates your stride.  Over time the socks will let you know if you have over exerted yourself, which is always good to know, and even let you know when you may have injured yourself and need to take it easy.  An essential we think for runners.

As usual the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was a delight with some brilliant innovations exhibited, many of which will be on sale this year and even better at affordable prices.  But we must admit our favourites, as highlighted above, were the bed that cures snoring, the smart toothbrush and socks that do far more than just disguise unpleasant odours.  

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