Christmas Apps

18 Dec 2015, 15:44 PM Karen Ormiston

With Christmas Day fast approaching, we outline QubeGB’s favourite festive apps which will not only get you into the holiday spirit, they will assist you in your endeavours making the season run smoother.

Christmas Gift List Manager

The shopping list app allows users to manage their Christmas present buying and festive spending.

Users can provide an overall budget and can then allocate a budget per person (and even per gift for each individual). As the user buys items on their list, the app calculates what they have got left to buy, alongside what they have spent allowing them to keep within their budget.

The app even lets users mark the presents once they have wrapped them.

If users are short for ideas, the app also has a separate gift idea section which is regularly updated.

Christmas Radio (Apple Store, Android Market)

From rocking festive hits to Christmas classics, the free app allows users to enjoy a host of Christmas music from 40 different stations including ‘North Pole Radio’, a station broadcast direct from the North Pole.

Elf Yourself

The festive app allows users to ‘elf’ themselves and become the star of a personalised video in which their head is embedded onto a dancing elf. Users select a theme and can then upload up to five photos of themselves, their friends and family to also start in the festive video.

Users can then send their video creation as an e-card via email or share it on Facebook.

NORAD Tracks Santa

Using military sensors and technology, the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) tracks Santa on December 24th as he leaves the North Pole and embarks on his worldwide trip delivering presents around the world.

The app also allows users to watch the day’s countdown to Santa’s flight and play ‘Thin Ice’ to help Santa’s elves deliver presents amongst other features.

Time to Roast

Helping to alleviate the stresses of the Christmas dinner, Time to Roast calculates the cooking time of festive joints on the user entering the weight of the meat. Meats included are turkey, beef, goose, duck, lamb, pork and chicken.

Cooking tips are provided and convenient alarms then notify the user on actions to take at each stage of cooking. Instructions on testing if the meat is cooked are also given.

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