Gender Pay Gap

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4 Apr 2018, 09:18 AM Lynda Stoddart

Qube Holdings, encompassing Qube GB and Qube Engineering is a Telecoms company providing national coverage to top tier ISP’s. Our vision is to be the service provider of choice of field engineering and managed services to the Telecoms and ISP industries by bringing together best practices and technology with fully trained and customer focused workforce.

In line with legal obligations aligned to Gender Pay Gap reporting I confirm that the following data applies to employees of Qube Holdings which incorporates both Qube GB Limited and Qube Engineering.

Data applies to that relating to 5th April 2016 – 4th April 2017

The data is aligned as follows:

  • Mean Gender Gap Pay: 9.56%
  • Median Gender Gap Pay: 7.05%

Proportion of Males and Females in Each Quartile Band

Upper Quartile:

  • Male: 71%
  • Female: 29%

Upper Middle Quartile:

  • Male: 100%
  • Female: 0%

Lower Middle Quartile:

  • Male: 100%
  • Female: 0%

Lower Quartile:

  • Male: 93%
  • Female: 7%

As a company, the support team which is reflected through Qube GB demonstrates a positive number of females in senior roles within the organisation, and where salaries are demonstrated to be on par with comparable colleagues.

Within Qube Engineering, we have great difficulty in recruiting woman and this is shown through a work force which is male dominated. We are fully aware that working with this diverse area will be hugely beneficial to the organisation. A number of initiatives are being introduced with an aim to encourage woman into the industry. These initiatives are namely: exploring part time working options, integrating more with STEM, applying a more diverse recruitment campaign.

Mussy Kurt- Elli CEO
27th March 2018

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